Eco Clean Soil


Eco clean Soil is a paving product with the texture and look of natural soil and has been developed in order to reduce the impact of global warming by replacing concrete and asphalt with a new kind of decomposed granite. This product is a new earth-based pavement material that is environmentally friendly because it is mainly composed of carefully selected high-quality natural sand.
In addition to its natural appearance, this product has dual properties of water permeability and water retention, making it difficult for puddles to form on the surface due to rainwater, and also to prevent soil from drying out allowing it to be used immediately adjacent to plants and trees.
In terms of global warming countermeasures, the cooling effect of slow water evaporation from the water-retained inside Eco-clean soil can exert a temperature-control effect close to nature that is superior to concrete and asphalt.
〇Product shipped as:
 ・25㎏ paper bag
 ・1 ton pack (Available upon request)
※ Can only be stored for a limited time before use. Must be stored in a dry environment.

Main uses of Eco Clean Soil

Many public works projects include the construction of walking surfaces and stairs such as parks, gardens, and event venues, road median strips, roadside strips, and tree-planting basins. Eco-clean soil is an ideal material for all of these projects.
Eco Clean Soil also has the potential to be used around spring ponds, weed control for fields and rivers, preservation of historic sites, and any area with large open space.
It is also possible to use Eco clean soil for parking lots and in cobblestone and brick joints.

Features of eco-clean soil, a natural soil paving material

エコクリーンソイル● Safety: No negative impact on human body or environment
The main component of Eco Clean Soil is made of natural solid sand and an inorganic solidifying agent using natural raw materials, and contains no toxic or dangerous substances.
According to analysis by an external organization, only components equivalent to natural earth and sand are detected, and if demolition is required, the product can be crushed and returned to the soil.
By returning to the soil, resources are recycled and no industrial waste occurs.
It is completely harmless to the human body and the surrounding environment. Therefore, there is no need to worry about secondary contamination as in the case of herbicides or gas powered grass mowers.

エコクリーンソイル● Weed control: Prevention of weeds
By paving the soil surface using Eco Clean Soil, weed spread cab be significantly suppressed. The herbicidal effect is due to the mechanical strength of the pavement which prevents weed penetration, not to any chemical components such as herbicides.
*There is a risk of cracking the eco-clean soil due to the growth of tree roots (thickening of the trunk, etc.), so we recommend you leave a little room around the root of the plant and when installing.

エコクリーンソイル● Natural appearance: Prevents sediment runoff and erosion.
The pavement surface made with Eco Clean Soil has an appearance similar to natural soil, but functions as a hardscape pavement.
In the case of heavy rain, earth and sand will wash away and in extreme cases become landslides. When the Eco Clean Soil is installed, it hardens and creates a strong protective surface, preventing sediment from washing away.
In addition, since it has water permeability, it is difficult for water to accumulate, and it does not become muddy when walked on after a rain shower.

エコクリーンソイル● Water absorption and permeability
Eco Clean Soil has moderate water permeability. Therefore, the water accumulated on the surface slowly penetrates into the underlying soil and sand. The water permeability allows rainwater to reach the roots of plants and trees.
While it does not have the rapid permeability of water-permeable asphalt, it has the advantage that no additional facilities such as drainage channels and basins are required. The pavement surface slowly returns water to the ground in a manner close to natural soil.

エコクリーンソイル● Excellent water retention properties
Eco-clean soil pavement contains a lot of fine voids and can store water. Because of its excellent water retention, rain can be absorbed by the Ecoclean Soil pavement surface where it then can drain slowly to the soil.The water retention and permeability of Eco Clean Soil can help to store moisture in the soil and thus ease drought stress on plants and trees.

エコクリーンソイル● Mitigation of the heat island phenomenon.
When water retained by the Ecoclean Soil pavement surface is evaporated by the wind and heat of the sun the pavement surface is cooled by vaporization, which can cool the surrounding environment.
If you can supply water to the surface, the effect will be further improved.
Also, because there is very little heat absorption, pedestrians will find it more comfortable than asphalt and concrete.

エコクリーンソイル● Workability: Work is easy and workability is excellent
Ecoclean Soil has excellent workability among pavement materials, and its construction is simple and easy compared to asphalt and concrete.
Furthermore, our “Eco-Clean Soil” does not require compaction, so it can be spread over the roadbed, watered, and cured.
Anyone can install without special skills, so some customers buy it for home use and take care of their own home.
In addition, external force is applied to the eco-clean soil after construction, and it can be easily repaired by filling a new part in the part that has been chipped or scoured.

エコクリーンソイル● Greening is possible with fresh moss
Because of the water retention and the absence of weeds, good conditions have been established for the growth of moss.
Especially in places where humidity can be secured, the environment is optimal for growing moss, and moss can be completely planted.